We currently offer individual licensing for the GlobeSmart Profile, GlobeSmart Guides, and the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory. The licensing information listed on this page is for professors and students currently enrolled in educational institutions. If you are not a professor or an enrolled student, please see options for Individual Licensing.


GlobeSmart Profile & GlobeSmart Guides

Pricing: $45 per student for 6 months of access

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Inclusive Behaviors Inventory

Pricing: $65 per student for 6 months of access

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Licensing fees are exclusive of all applicable federal, state, provincial and local sales, use, excise, value-added, or other similar taxes, levies, or duties due on the Professional and / or Subscription Services. Any applicable taxes will be added to the total amount due. [Contact us] if your organization is sales tax exempt. If exempt, a valid Sales Tax Exemption Certificate must be provided before purchase.

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