What are the differences between the available Aperian plans?


Aperian Basic is our free experience. It provides free access to two Learning Modules: Why Culture Matters and Giving Feedback Across Cultures. To access all other Aperian features, including the GlobeSmart Profile and the Culture Guides, you will need to upgrade your account.


Starter offers access to Aperian's key features and is available for anyone to purchase. With an Aperian Starter plan, you can:

  • Create your GlobeSmart Profile and learn about the GlobeSmart dimensions
  • Create and join GlobeSmart Profile teams
  • Send invitations to compare GlobeSmart Profiles with friends and colleagues
  • View full advice for all GlobeSmart Profile comparisons
  • Compare your GlobeSmart Profile with the average profile of 100+ cultures
  • Have full access to 100+ GlobeSmart Guides with detailed information on the values, communication styles, and business practices of each culture.
  • View two complimentary Learning Modules
  • Interact with Aperian Copilot, our AI chatbot that can answer complex questions about cultures with data taken from our expert knowledge base

Aperian Starter plans are active for 6 months unless otherwise noted.

If you are on the Basic plan, you can upgrade your account to Aperian Premium directly in the application



Our Growth plan is best for teams who are looking for more resources and our full suite of features. Growth includes everything Starter offers, plus:

  • Access to Aperian Live, where users can register and attend facilitator-led workshops on a variety of topics
  • Internal facilitator resources to help team leaders lead GlobeSmart Profile team discussions
  • Our learning module suite, which includes ten of our most popular and effective modules
  • Basic analytics 


Most Aperian users receive access to the site through their organization. We call this Enterprise since, in most cases, Aperian is licensed to be available to the entire enterprise. With an Enterprise Aperian plan, you can do everything a Premium user can do, and:

  • Explore additional Learning Modules and Assessments licensed by your organization. Launch all learning assets from your Aperian Dashboard.
  • Access special features for organizational owners, including analytics, customized communication plans, and GlobeSmart Profile Certifications.
  • Check out the section just for organizational owners.

Most Aperian enterprise plans are licensed on an annual basis.


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