Annual Tracked Users (ATU): Billing and Other Policies

This guide will help you understand Aperian's Annual Tracked User (ATU) billing system.

What is an ATU?

Annual Tracked User (ATU) is a way to calculate your billing based on the number of visitors that access Aperian each billing year, rather than individual user profiles, events, or a flat fee for all organization members.

Note: ATUs are not User Profiles. If you have licensed Aperian for more than one year, the number of ATUs in your account will not match the number of people in your User Directory.

Annual Tracked User Calculation

An ATU is a unique visitor that logs into the site within the billing year, independent of whether they have accessed the site in previous years. Aperian determines unique users using the email address and user id (assigned by our database). Users are only counted once per year, even if they perform multiple actions across the site or log in multiple times.

An organization is charged based on the total number of ATUs.

View Annual Tracked User Usage

Organization Owners can see their organization's ATU usage within the Admin Center. Click on the User icon in the upper right corner and select Admin Center. From here, you can quickly view the usage this billing period as well as the current plan under Plan Details and Usage

What If I Exceed My Plan Limit?

If you go over your pre-agreed ATU limit, Aperian won't limit your usage or prevent new users from accessing the site.

If you exceed your current ATU limit, you will be billed the difference between your current pricing tier and the next pricing tier within the license year. Speak with your Client Success Manager if you have questions or need clarification.

What If I Delete Users Within the Billing Period?

Organizations or individuals can request that accounts be deleted. Aperian will gladly delete the account; however, if the deleted user had activity in the billing period, it will still count towards the overall ATUs used. The record(s) will be anonymized in the User Directory, and will include the Last Login Date for reconciliation purposes.

Can I Activate and Deactivate Users to Save ATUs?

No. Aperian seats cannot be activated or deactivated. Each unique login within a year counts towards the ATUs used.

Will Aperian Delete My Existing Users Every Year?

No. Your existing users and their use on the site (their GlobeSmart Profiles, IBI scores, etc.) will not be deleted each billing cycle. Your organization's usage will reset to zero at the start of each billing cycle, but the user accounts from your organization will remain. Once a user logs in to the site during the billing cycle, they will be counted as an ATU for that cycle.

All features that rely on existing usage, for example the Organization Average GlobeSmart Profile or the Organization IBI Scores, will remain for the life of the organization's license.

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