If you're looking to purchase Aperian for yourself or just a few people, we offer individual licensing for several of our products. We currently offer individual licensing for the GlobeSmart Profile, GlobeSmart Guides, and the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory.  

GlobeSmart Profile and GlobeSmart Guides

Build awareness of style differences and improve global collaboration with the GlobeSmart Profile and GlobeSmart Guides.

  • Discover individual work styles, compare with colleagues and cultures, and get tailored advice to enhance collaboration and productivity.
  • Give employees access to trusted, research-backed information on doing business with over 100 cultures.
  • Explore local DEI factors in countries around the world.

Pricing:  $65 for 6 months

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Inclusive Behaviors Inventory 

Let inclusion power your workplace with the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory.

  • Measure inclusion levels of employees and equip them with personalized action plans based on survey results.
  • Enhance your multi-year DEI strategy with a proven and statistically validated resource.
  • Ensure a successful enterprise roll-out with a tool that uses language designed for a global audience.

Pricing:  $99 for 6 months

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Are you a professor or student? Visit our Educational Licensing page.





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