Best Practices for Selecting Raters

In the IBI 360 experience, Group Owners will need to select people to rate group Members. While the Owner and the Member may be the same person, this will not necessarily be the case. We recommend the group Owner and the Members discuss who should be invited to rate the Members, ideally choosing from a variety of different colleagues including managers, direct reports, peers, etc. The group Owner should then invite a minimum of five to six (5-6) raters to rate each member.

We recommend inviting people representing multiple dimensions of diversity including people who are of a different gender, age, job function or organizational department, race, ethnicity, geographic location, etc.

We encourage group Owners to invite raters that the Members may have some challenges working with, in addition to ones with whom they have a strong collaboration. These individuals should represent a mix of people within one’s inner circle, as well as those with whom they do not have as strong of a relationship.

It can also be helpful to send an email to Raters prior to sending the standard IBI invitation. This article includes some ideas for email templates that can be sent from either the Group Owner or the group Member being rated. 


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