Group Owners have the option to use the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory in a 360 degree feedback format. They can do this by adding Raters to any Group Member.

The Group Owner will have to gather Rater email addresses for each Group Member. We recommend doing this during the Group creation process. Contact the Group Members and ask them for the emails of the people they would like to rate them. Read more about criteria for selecting raters and email templates to orient Raters to the IBI process.

To add Raters:

  • Navigate to the IBI home page. Find the relevant group and click Manage
  • For every Group Member, you will see a Raters button. Click this to open the Rater section.
  • Click Invite Raters
  • Enter a Custom Message. This message will be embedded in the email invitation received by the Raters for this particular Group Member. We recommend adding a message to make the email more personal.
  • Enter a rater's email address.
  • Click Add Another Rater, and enter the email address. Do this as many times as necessary. You can also add all raters at once using the Add Many Raters button.
  • When ready, click Send Invitations
  • You will now see the Raters' information on the group detail page. 
  • Once they accept the invitation, you will be able to monitor their progress.
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