After adding raters for each of the group members, Group Owners will be able to monitor their progress. 

Pending Invitations

Immediately after inviting them, raters will appear as Pending Invitations. The screen will look like the image below. Group Owners can Resend the invitation, or Cancel it if needed. 

Accepted Invitations

Once the invitation has been accepted, Group Owners can view the status of the rater's survey. Statuses will be either Not Started, In Progress, or Completed. While the status is Not Started or In Progress, the Group Owner has the option to send Reminder emails. (These emails include a friendly reminder to complete the survey.) 

Once the user has completed the survey, the Survey Status will update to Completed. (Raters can also be removed if necessary. This will break the connection between their responses and the Group Member being rated.) 


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