Identity in the Workplace: Bridging Differences



Being aware of our identity—how we define ourselves, and how others define us—and the accompanying preconceived notions that come with it is key to succeeding in an increasingly diverse working environment.

But what makes up our personal identity and how can we bridge differences with others to enable better collaboration?



What You'll Learn


In the Identity in the Workplace module, you will explore:

  • The neuroscience behind how our brains create and process out- and in-groups
  • The critical connection between identity and social power
  • How to understand the identities of others and bridge differences with them
  • Strategies for having difficult—but necessary—conversations with people that have an identity different from you


Estimated Completion Time

20-30 minutes


Language Translations

Also available in Chinese (simplified), French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Other translations can be accommodated at an additional fee.


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