GlobeSmart Guides: Common Questions

  • Question: I believe there are errors in the GlobeSmart Guide content. How can I indicate these and be sure your data is reliable?
    • Answer: The GlobeSmart Guides are the product of an extensive research, editing, and review process conducted by our staff and consultants around the globe. Content is checked for accuracy and updated regularly. If you feel we are in error on a particular topic, we would like very much to hear from you. Please send us feedback using this form, or contact the GlobeSmart Guides Team at and we will follow up with you.

      GlobeSmart Guides are intended to serve as a guide. The information provided contains generalizations about a culture, and in no way is it meant to promote stereotypes. We recognize how intersecting identities influence traits and behaviors, and we acknowledge the ever-changing nature of language and culture as we strive to deliver the most updated information.


  • Question: Why do you use certain names for the individual GlobeSmart Guides?
    • Answer: In the GlobeSmart Guides, we use a country or locale's colloquial name instead of its official name. Aperian is not affiliated with any governmental or international agency and therefore do not need to use official names for each locale. For example, we use the name "Bolivia" instead of the official name "Plurinational State of Bolivia," and "Tanzania" instead of "United Republic of Tanzania." This practice is in line with most other online resources, such as encyclopedias, travel sites, and maps.


  • Question: Why don't you have information on a certain culture?
    • Answer: The cultures currently in Aperian have been developed based on client demand. We add new GlobeSmart Guides periodically, based on client requests and the allocation of internal resources to various development priorities. If you would like us to consider adding a new culture, please contact the GlobeSmart Development team at While we cannot guarantee that the culture you request will be added, we very much appreciate client input in our development plans.
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