Invitations and Teams are features available on Premium and Enterprise Aperian plans.

Comparing profiles is a great way to learn more about your colleagues and improve teamwork. If you have been invited to share your profile with a colleague or team, here's how to accept the invitation and get started with Aperian:

  • Click the button to Accept Invitation or Join Team in the email you received. 

  • If you have never used Aperian before, click Sign Up on the login screen. (Login if you already have a Aperian account.) Sign up using the same email address that your invitation was sent to. (For example, don't use a personal email address to register if the email was sent to your work email address.)
  • From the Aperian Dashboard, click Take the GlobeSmart Profile Survey. Complete the survey to create your GlobeSmart Profile.
  • Once you've completed the survey, you will be connected to the person or team that invited you. Click Compare My Profile and select the person or team that invited you from the list.
  • View the comparison and receive advice on working more effectively together!

You can also accept invitations by going to the Invitations page. Get to the Invitations page by clicking the link on the Dashboard, or clicking the Notifications bell icon in the header of any page.

On the Invitations page, you will see all pending invitations that have been sent to you, or that you have sent to others. From here, you can accept and ignore invitations, or resend or cancel invitations you have sent. 

What You Are Sharing

Many people wonder, "What am I agreeing to share when I accept an invitation or join a team?"

If you accept an invitation from a colleague (we sometimes refer to this as an "individual" invitation), you are agreeing to share your profile (just what's visible on the chart) with that one other person. This means that you will be able to see that person's placement on the chart, and they will be able to see yours. You can create a comparison and view advice for working together.

If you accept a team invitation, you are agreeing to share your profile with every other person on the team. If there are 10 people on the team, by accepting the invitation, you have agreed to share your profile with the nine other people on the team. (This is one of the benefits of creating teams; you can share profiles quickly across a large group of people.)

When accepting invitations, you are NOT sharing:

  • Your answers to the survey questions. These are used to create your profile and are not shared with anyone. 
  • Any demographic information you choose to enter.

Example of an individual comparison: 

Example of a team comparison:

Removing a Connection

If you choose to accept an invitation, but then wish to remove it, you can do so at any time. For individual connections, you can stop sharing at any time by contacting and let us know which connection you'd like remove.

For team connections, you can remove yourself by navigating to the My Teams page, finding the appropriate team, and clicking the Leave button. Read more about removing yourself from teams here.

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