You have the option to share your GlobeSmart Profile chart on platforms outside of Aperian. Here's how to share on different platforms. Don't see the platform you're looking for? More are coming!


  1. After a user has completed their Profile, they are taken to the Profile page.
  2. User clicks the icon to "Share Profile to LinkedIn"
  3. A new window will open directing the user to the LinkedIn website
  4. User is prompted to login to LinkedIn
  5. After logging in, the user sees an image generated with their Profile chart, along with the text, "My GlobeSmart Profile on Aperian."
  6. The user chooses between sending their Profile as a private message or creating a post.
  7. If creating a post, the user has the option to add their own comments to the post. image.png
  8. User clicks Post.
  9. The post contains the user's comments and the visual described above.
  10. Depending on the user's LinkedIn preferences, their LinkedIn connections can see the new post.
  11. If a connection clicks on the post, they are directed to a page containing the user's shared profile. Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 1.33.03 PM.png


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