You can view all your existing GlobeSmart Profile Connections on the Manage Connections page. This article will describe navigating to this page, searching this page, and removing an existing connection.

Navigating to Manage Connections

The Manage Connections page is accessible via a button on the Begin New Comparison, Invitations, or My Teams pages. [new image]

Searching All Connections

Use the search bar to filter your list of connections. You can search by a person's name or a team name. Searching by team name will show all people you are connected to through that team. From each user's card, you can click into a one-to-one comparison, or you can choose to remove the connection. 

Removing a Connection

If needed, you can choose to remove a connection with an individual. To do so, click Remove. The site will ask you to confirm that you want to remove the connection. Click "Yes, Remove" to continue. 

If the connection was made through an individual invitation, the connection will be immediately broken. You and the other person will no longer be able to view each other's Profiles.

If the connection was made through a team invitation, your individual connection with this person will be broken. However, you will have to completely leave the team to fully break the connection. After removing the individual connection, a link to your teams will appear if you choose to also leave the team. 

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