The IBI group owner is the person (or people) who will create the group, invite the members, keep track of completions, and manage gathering and creating the group reports. Group owners have unique permissions and functions. This role must be assigned by Aperian.

This article will describe the group owner role and permissions in more detail, as well as provide instructions on how to add and remove group owners.


Group owners have the following permissions available:

  • Create groups. Only Group Owners have the option to create IBI groups on the site.
  • View the group members' acceptance of the group invitation. If an individual has joined the group, they appear as a Group Member. If they have not joined the group, the owner can see their email address under Pending Group Members.
  • View the group members' survey version, completion status, completion date, and leadership indicator. For example, the group owner can see if a member has not started, started, or finished the IBI survey. 
  • Add raters for existing group members. For all Group Members, the Group Owner has the option to Invite Raters to use the IBI 360 features. The Group Owner can also monitor the progress of each Rater and send reminders if needed. Read more about using the IBI 360 features.
  • Access the group members' individual reports. The group owner can email an individual's report to themselves. This feature is provided since the group owner is often tasked with gathering individual reports prior to a training session or debrief.
  • Access the group's aggregate report. The Group Report averages the individual scores of the members into aggregate scores on each dimension, sub-dimension, and indicator.

Adding Group Owners

It can be helpful to have more than one person with Owner access to a group. For example, the group may have one person who will handle administrative tasks, and another who will facilitate the training session. Or a group owner is transitioning to a new role and may wish to share their groups with the person filling their role.

To add a group owner: 

  • From the IBI homepage, click Manage next to the relevant group.
  • In the Group Owners section, click Add Group Owner.  
  • A window will open to enter the email address of the new owner. You can add as many owners as you would like, but we recommend no more than two or three.
  • Click Save.
  • The window will close and the new group owner will be listed under Group Owners. 
  • The new group owner receives an email notifying them that they have been added as a group owner. 
  • Note: All Group Owners will need proper permissions assigned by Aperian to view and manage groups.

Removing Group Owners

If a group has more than one owner, an option to Remove an owner will appear. Clicking the link will lead to a confirmation message, "Are you sure you want to remove this group owner?" Click Yes, Remove to remove the owner, or No, Keep to cancel. 


If you remove yourself as an owner, you will be redirected back to the IBI homepage and will no longer see the group in your list of groups.


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