As a group owner, you have the ability to access the Group Report and the individual reports for each group member. To do so, follow these instructions.

Group Report

  • On the IBI homepage, under Your Groups, find the group you wish to manage.
  • You will see a Group Report button. Clicking this button will email the Group Report to you (the PDF of the report will be attached to the email). The email will arrive from "The Aperian Team".
    • Note: You must have at least two people with completed IBIs in the group for the Group Report to be available. 

  • You can also click Manage from the IBI homepage. This will take you to group's detail page.
  • From here, clicking Group Report will email the Group Report to you.

Individual Reports

  • From this page, you can also access each group member's individual report.
    • Clicking Email Me Report will email the individual member's report to you.
    • This feature can be helpful if for some reason your group members cannot receive the emails, or if you wish to distribute all individual reports during a debrief session.
    • If your group is using the IBI in a 360 scenario that incorporates Rater feedback, individual reports may include the additional IBI 360 section.
      • Group members must have at least three (3) completed Raters for the section to appear
      • Once the threshold is met, the individual group member's report will include an additional section displaying the Rater scores, unexpected strengths and areas for development, and key priorities for improvement.
      • Please note that 360 results are exclusive to the user. 360 results in one group will not be transferrable to another group. Group admins downloading the individual reports of the members will also not be able to see past 360 results.
        • For example: User A has 360 ratings in Group X and is now invited to Group Y for a separate 360 initiative. User A's 360 ratings in X are not transferrable to Y. When the group admin for Group Y downloads User A's individual report from the IBI group page, their 360 ratings from Group X will not show. When User A downloads their individual report from their own account's IBI homepage, they will see the 360 results from both Group X and Group Y.
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