Monitoring IBI Completion and Sending Reminders

As a group owner, you have insight into the progress of your group members. From the group's homepage, you can view completion status for each group member and send reminders when necessary. You can also remove group members when needed.

Monitor Completion Status

From the IBI homepage, you can see all of the Groups you have created. Find the Group you wish to monitor:

  • Click Manage [new image] Screen_Shot_2021-02-18_at_2.46.49_PM.png
  • You will see the completion status of your group, i.e. "2/4 completed"
  • The people who have joined the group will appear under Group Members
  • For each Group Member, you will see the name, email address, the date they joined the group, and survey status (not started, started, or finished).

Send Reminders

For any member with the status not started or started, you will see a Remind button. Clicking this button will send an email to the group member reminding them to complete the IBI survey.

    • After clicking, you will see a new field, Reminder Sent, with the date you sent the reminder.

Resend Invitations

If someone has not yet accepted the invitation to join the group, they will appear under Pending Group Members. For these individuals, you can see only the email address and the date you sent the invitation. 

For these individuals, you will see a button to Resend the invitation. Clicking this button will send another copy of the group invitation. The field Invitation Sent will update to today's date.  

Remove Group Members

If needed, you can remove group members from a group. To do so, click the Remove link next to the user's name. You will see a message confirming the action, "Are you sure you want to remove this group member?" You can select Yes, Remove to continue removing the group member, or you can select No, Keep to cancel the action.

Once removed, the user will no longer show on the Manage Group page, and their scores will no longer be factored into the group report.

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