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Improved Experience for GlobeSmart Profile Comparisons

Creating GlobeSmart Profile comparisons with Teams, Organizations, Individuals, or Cultures is a great way to learn about work styles and improve collaboration. We're excited to offer an improved user experience when creating comparisons. On the New Comparison page, you will now see:

  • A three column layout, separating Teams and Organizations, Individuals, and Cultures
  • A selection box for building your comparison. You can scroll through the columns and add items, or type in this box to refine each list. This box stays visible as you scroll so you can always see your selected items.
  • Not finding what you're looking for? You can quickly send invitations or create a team from the available buttons.

Learn more about creating comparisons.


More Control for Team Comparisons

When viewing Team Comparisons, you now have more control over what shows on the chart. Below the chart, you will now see options to Hide Members and Hide Average. Clicking these links will remove the respective elements from the chart, leaving just the items you want.

This can be helpful when facilitating a teambuilding session: you can now show just the team average compared to a culture, the organization, or perhaps another team average. Or view the member profiles without the average displayed. (As a reminder, you can also hide your own profile from the chart to get exactly the view you want.) Learn more about this feature.




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