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As the international spread of the Coronavirus forces organizations to move away from traditional face-to-face working models, virtual collaboration will become more and more essential to maintaining productivity in turbulent times.

Learning Modules for Virtual Collaboration

Do you need to pivot quickly to an entirely remote workforce? Help your people adjust with Aperian Global's Learning Modules for Virtual Collaboration:

  • Global Approaches to Relationships: As the workplace continues to go virtual, relationships are more important than ever. Learn how to work with the differing global attitudes toward building and maintaining relationships in order to boost productivity and collaboration.
  • The Inclusive Manager's Toolkit: This Learning Module contains practical, actionable, and essential steps every manager, especially those working remotely, can take to increase inclusion, engagement, and team performance.
  • Inclusive Virtual Meetings: We've all been in a virtual meeting where it feels like the group just isn't connecting. Take steps to prevent these unproductive meetings and foster a sense of inclusion among the team. This Learning Module contains an examination of challenges and best practices for facilitating inclusive virtual meetings.

Inclusive Virtual Meetings

GlobeSmart as a Virtual Collaboration Application

The GlobeSmart Profile and Culture Guides can help organizations and individual achieve many goals, one being improved collaboration across distance. Working virtually has always been a key part of the GlobeSmart content, with GlobeSmart Profile Advice topics such as Building Relationships, Communicating Virtually, and Giving Feedback.

Within the GlobeSmart Culture Guides, you'll find information for over 95 cultures on Virtual Communication, Managing Meetings, Effective Leadership Styles, and Conversation Topics to help you break the ice and begin to form bonds with your virtual colleagues.

GlobeSmart Profile Advice

Aperian Global Virtual Training Services

In addition to GlobeSmart, Aperian Global offers the training and services your organization needs to maintain productivity in these unprecedented times. Programs such as Collaborating Across Distance, Leading Across Distance, and Large Group Virtual Briefings are entirely virtual, instructor-led trainings to help your organization adjust. Learn more at

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