Check in every month to see our latest product updates. Here's what we have to share with you for this month:

Build Large GlobeSmart Profile Teams with Ease

We now offer two options when building GlobeSmart Profile teams: you can enter each team member's email address in the available spaces, or you can now copy/paste a longer list of team members for faster team creation. From the Create Team page, click the link to add many team members.

This will open a window where you can paste in a list of team members separated by commas, new lines, or from a spreadsheet column. View step-by-step instructions for this new feature here.



Learning Modules for Basic and Premium GlobeSmart Customers

We're excited to offer our Basic and Premium GlobeSmart users two complimentary Learning Modules. After signing up for GlobeSmart, Basic and Premium users will now see Using the GlobeSmart Profile to Improve Teamwork and Why Culture Matters in the Learning Modules & Assessments section of the Dashboard.

These free Learning Modules introduce you to the key concepts of culture and their importance in the modern workplace, and help you better understand the GlobeSmart Profile dimensions and how the profile can help you and your teams.

These modules are just the beginning of GlobeSmart's offerings. You can always contact us if you're interested in purchasing additional Learning Modules.


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