Hosting Learning Modules in Your Learning Platforms

Instead of accessing the Learning Modules through the Aperian Dashboard, you can choose to host the Learning Modules in your organization's Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Aperian will deliver the module in a package (SCORM or other format) for your system administrator to load into your system and for you to use the content in your internal learning curriculum. Note: There are additional fees associated with this option. Speak with your Client Success Manager for more details.

Service Details

  • Clients who purchase Learning Modules in this way are not entitled to the source files (also referred to as project files, working files, raw files, etc.) that are used to build the module.
  • Learning Modules may consist of multiple steps. In these cases, each step is delivered to the client as a separate file to be imported into the LMS/LXP.
  • This policy does not apply to custom Learning Modules or customized versions of core Learning Modules. Any customization beyond what is necessary for export (described below) should be discussed with your Client Success Manager.

Client Requirements

Your organization must meet the following requirements to purchase Learning Modules in this way:

  1. LMS/LXP must be able to support at least one of these export format types:
    • SCORM 1.2
    • SCORM 2004 (3rd or 4th edition)
    • AICC
    • cmi5
    • LTI (1.1 or 1.3)
  2. The LMS/LXP must support one of the Operating System/Browser combinations listed on the Rise 360 website (please refer to the sections titled Browsers for Viewing Rise 360 Courses and Required Browser Settings for Viewing Courses) or on the Rustici Content Controller website.
  3. The LMS/LXP must allow users to navigate from one step to the next in the module (some Learning Modules contain multiple steps).
  4. Your organization must have LMS/LXP administrator or webmaster who will deploy the modules and is familiar with the system.

Format Specifications

You will be provided with a form to fill out to supply Aperian with the technical specifications required to customize an e-learning package that works for your LMS.

Speak with your Client Success Manager if you're interested in hosting Learning Modules in this way.


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