Integrating Aperian into Your Learning Platforms

Overview and Benefits

Bring Aperian's expertise into the learning platforms you already use.

The products that you have chosen to include in your organization's Aperian experience are always accessible from the dashboard. On the dashboard, your colleagues will be able to find the GlobeSmart Profile, access any GlobeSmart Guide, and explore the Learning Modules and Assessments that make up your organization's unique learning suite.

However, you may wish to integrate vanity links to each element of Aperian into your organization's learning platforms, such as a Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Experience Platform (LXP), or content aggregator. Integrating Aperian with your systems allows end users to skip the login/signup process and land directly on a piece of content within Aperian.

The benefits to you and your organization include:

  • Speed up adoption by keeping all your learning assets findable in one place
  • Aperian becomes a coordinated part of your learning programs
  • Track usage of different Aperian assets within your system's reporting (you will still receive Aperian usage reports too) 


How it Works

The Aperian application supports the ability to link directly to content within the platform, be it Profile pages, GlobeSmart Guides, specific Learning Modules, or Assessments. Regardless of the authentication option being used by your organization (more details on that below), the process for integration is:

  • The Aperian customer success team works with you to identify the specific content to link to.
  • The Aperian customer success team works with you to establish if they will utilize IDP-initiated single sign on (SSO), SP-initiated SSO, or email validation. Details about each connection type are found in the Account Authentication Options article.
  • The technical support team generates a file of metadata that lists the content and custom URLs for each integrated piece of content.
  • Your team (or your LMS/content aggregator team) uploads the metadata to your system.
  • The last step is testing and verifying that the integration works properly.

Seamless Integration with IDP-Initiated or SP-Initiated SSO (Recommended)

The most seamless integration between an LMS or content aggregator is first to have an SSO connection established between the platforms. This eliminates the requirement for end users to authenticate on Aperian. The SSO configuration is utilized in the custom URLs to access each piece of content, thereby passing the authentication of the end user and seamlessly providing the specified content. The structure of the custom URLs will differ depending on whether your team prefers to use IDP- or SP-initiated SSO.

NOTE: At present, this type of integration with SP-initiated connections will only work for the GlobeSmart Profile, GlobeSmart Guides, and some Assessments. It is not available for Learning Modules or all Assessments. We can support integration to Learning Modules and Assessments using IDP-initiated SSO.

Create Your Own Deep Links

Organizations using SP-initiated SSO also have the option to create their own deep links to GlobeSmart Profile or GlobeSmart Guide pages. The following URL structure can be used and tailored to your needs. (The following URL is for the France GlobeSmart Guide page on Gifts, but all URLs will work similarly.)

Reach out to your Client Success Manager to determine your organization's Connection ID. Once you have that variable, you can build as many deep links as you want using this structure.

Integration with Email Validation

If SSO is not possible or desired, integration may still be used in some cases. With email validation, the user goes to the target URL, where they are prompted with login screen. They sign up for, or log in to Aperian, and are taken to the desired page.

NOTE: At present, this type of integration with email validation connections will only work for the GlobeSmart Profile and GlobeSmart Guides. It is not available for Learning Modules or Assessments.

Supported LMS, LXP, and Content Aggregators

Currently, Aperian supports integrations with Degreed, LinkedIn Learning Hub, PathGather, Pluralsight, Cornerstone, and SuccessFactors, but has the possibility to support many more. Aperian is also a content partner on LinkedIn Learning Hub.

If a client uses a non-listed platform, the Aperian team can talk to the platform rep to confirm we can do an integration.

Learn More 

Speak with your Client Success Manager to decide if this type of integration is right for your organization.

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