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It's all about inclusion in 2020. We know this is a key area of focus for many organizations, so we're adding inclusion-focused content to GlobeSmart in several ways.

Learning Modules for Inclusive Organizations

Is one of your organizational goals to promote inclusion in 2020? Help your teams achieve more with Aperian Global's new Learning Modules: Inclusive RecruitingThe Inclusive Manager's Toolkit, and Inclusive Virtual Meetings.

  • Inclusive Recruiting: Learn to be more inclusive in your recruiting process by mitigating the role of unconscious bias and bringing a more diverse group of candidates into your talent pool.
  • The Inclusive Manager's Toolkit: This Learning Module contains practical, actionable, and essential steps every manager can take to increase inclusion, engagement, and team performance.
  • Inclusive Virtual Meetings: We've all been in a virtual meeting where it feels like the group just isn't connecting. Take steps to prevent these unproductive meetings. This Learning Module contains an examination of challenges and best practices for facilitating inclusive virtual meetings.

Speak with your GlobeSmart Engagement Manager to receive trial access to these modules.


Learn More about Local Inclusion and Diversity

Within each Culture Guide, you'll now find a section on Local Inclusion and Diversity. This section covers key diversity and inclusion topics such as Women in Business, Attitudes Toward the LGBT+ Community, and more. Within a small number of Culture Guides, you'll find content on factors key to understanding that culture, such as generational diversity, religious diversity, gender diversity, linguistic diversity, and more. We'll be adding more content to this section throughout 2020.


Inclusion Focused Logo Now Available

As you promote GlobeSmart within your organization, you can now use a new, inclusion-focused logo. The logo is attached and can be used on any internal promotions you may be doing to spread the word about GlobeSmart.


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