Organization Average Profile is a feature available on Enterprise Aperian plans.

A feature available to Enterprise Aperian clients is an organizational average profile. This profile is created by averaging the profiles of all organization members, and is available for use in GlobeSmart Profile comparisons by any member of the organization. 

Feature Details

The Organization Average Profile is an optional feature for any organization that has at least 50 members with completed GlobeSmart Profiles. Once an organization has 50 profiles, the feature turns on.

The profile is created by averaging all organization members' placements on each dimension to create an average profile. The Organization Average Profile uses each member's current profile to create the average. If a user retakes the GlobeSmart Profile, the average will use the new profile in the calculation (and will stop calculating the user's previous profile).

This feature is turned on by default. Organizations may choose to turn it off by informing their Client Success Manager. 

Any organization member that has a completed profile will be able to compare profiles with Organization Average. The option to compare with this profile appears on the New Comparison screen under Teams and Organizations.

The profile updates once per day on a schedule. At that time, the profile will recalculate and will  incorporate any new profiles completed since the last calculation.

Using the Organization Average Profile in a Comparison

  • From the Dashboard, click Begin New Comparison
  • Under Teams and Organizations (A-Z), you will see your organization (and any teams you are a member of). It will appear as "[Organization Name] Average".
  • Select the organization and click create. 

  • The chart will display with your profile compared to the Organization Average Profile. Underneath the chart, you will see "Hide My Profile" and an explanatory sentence stating, "The [Organization Name] Average profile is built from XX profiles in the organization." XX being the number of completed profiles in the organization. For example, "The Aperian Average profile is built from 241 profiles in the organization." 

You can engage with the Organization Average profile in the same way you would with any other profile: view advice, view compared to other cultures, people, etc.

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