There are several situations where you may want to hide your profile from the comparison you've created. This feature is ideal for taking screenshots of comparisons without your own profile showing, for example, for training materials or for projecting the profile during a training session.

Here's how to do it:

When viewing a comparison, a link appears below the chart saying "Hide My Profile." Click the link, your profile will disappear from the view, and the link will now say "Show My Profile." You can toggle your profile on and off by continuing to click this link.

Here's the chart with the user's profile showing; you can see the "Hide My Profile" link below the chart: 

After clicking the link, the user's profile is hidden, and the link now says "Show My Profile":

What this feature does:

  • This feature temporarily hides your profile from a comparison view. That's it! It's simple, but powerful.

What this feature does not do:

  • Remove you from a team or team average. The "Hide My Profile" feature does not remove you from a team or team average. However, you can remove yourself from a team that you own if you wish to by using a different feature: read about that feature here.
  • Remove you from the advice or change the advice. If viewing a comparison with just one other person or culture, your profile will continue to show up on the small version of the chart near the bottom of the screen, and your profile is still being used to create the advice.
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