Your GlobeSmart Profile is the key to unlock how to work effectively with people around the globe or at the next desk. And the best way to get started is to create comparisons. The video below will walk you through the steps to create comparisons with different cultures.

Note: Click the icon at the bottom right corner of the video to enlarge it and see it more clearly.
You can also turn off the captions with the "CC" button.

Below is a written version of the steps shown in the video.

  • From your Aperian Dashboard, click Begin New Comparison [new image]

  • This will open the comparison builder, showing a list of all comparisons available to you: Teams and Organizations (A-Z), Individuals (A-Z), and Cultures (A-Z), each in its own column. You can scroll through each list or you can type in the box at the top of the page to refine the lists.
  • Once you find the profile you'd like to compare with, click the profile's checkbox.
  • Continue adding as many profiles to the comparison as you'd like. There is no limit, but your screen size will determine how many profiles will show at once. (A thirteen inch laptop screen can display about 11 or 12 profiles at once.)
  • When ready, click Create. The chart will now show with the comparison you've built.

If you have multiple profiles on the chart, you can isolate one profile at a time by clicking on its icon at the top of the chart. This will show the option to view advice. If it's a Culture, you will also see the option to navigate to its GlobeSmart Guide home page.

You can click the + button at the top of the chart to change your selections or to add more profiles to the chart.

Now that your comparison is made, it's time to dig deeper and view advice.

When creating comparisons on small mobile devices, there is no selection box at the top of the screen, and all comparison objects appear in one column, in the order of Teams and Organizations, Individuals, and Cultures. Scroll through the page and select your comparisons by tapping the checkbox. When ready, click Create to view the comparison on the chart.


How to View Advice

For every comparison, advice is available on nine business skill areas:

  1. General Advice
  2. Building Relationships
  3. Communicating Effectively
  4. Giving Feedback
  5. Leading People
  6. Managing Meetings
  7. Negotiating
  8. Obtaining Information
  9. Persuading and Presenting

Once you've created a comparison with other culture profiles, you can view advice for working more effectively with people from the culture you've selected.

  • Click on the icon of the profile for which you'd like to view advice. Click Advice for Me. If the comparison is between you and one other profile, you can also scroll down the page to view the advice. 

  • The section is titled Working with [profile], for example, Working with Australia, and first shows you Top Advice. These are three pieces of advice to preview what you can find in a few of the advice topics. You can click into one of these topics, or scroll down to view the full list. 

  • Click any of the topics to view all the advice for that business area.
  • Advice is available in eight (8) languages: Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can change the language using the menu in the upper right of the advice section.

How it Works

Aperian examines the distance between your profile and the comparison profile on all five dimensions to generate the best advice for the comparison. The Top Advice is three pieces of advice for the dimension with the biggest gap between the two profiles.

Within each topic, the advice is presented according to the distance between the two profiles: Areas with Many Differences for the dimensions with a large gap; Areas with Some Differences for dimensions with a smaller gap; and Areas with Similarities for the dimensions where your profiles fall close together.



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