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Announcing: Aperian Copilot℠

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Our latest innovation, Aperian Copilot, integrates AI technology with GlobeSmart® Guides to provide users with real-time, multilingual support for navigating cross-cultural complexities, fostering effective communication and collaboration across diverse teams.

Aperian Copilot is now enabled for all Aperian learners. It provides a compelling new way for learners to engage with Aperian's expert-vetted cultural content from more than 100 GlobeSmart Guides.

*While this new feature is now activated, some organizations may restrict its use.

How it works:

  1. Learners type their global business questions into the chat interface in any language.
  2. Aperian Copilot uses our trusted and human-curated GlobeSmart Guides content to craft expert responses. Learners get reassurance knowing the answers are coming from a trusted source.
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