Check in every month to see our latest product updates. Here's what we have to share with you for this month:

Left-hand Navigation

Earlier this month, we deployed our new left-hand navigation for easier, more efficient access to the tools and key resources you use within Aperian.Left-hand navigation preview on laptop screen

The left navigation provides quick access to essential Aperian products, such as the Globesmart® Profile and Guides, without having to navigate back to the dashboard.

This navigation includes a list of Aperian products that your organization has licensed. As part of this upgrade, we have also introduced homepages for learning modules and GlobeSmart Guides.

The new learning module homepage serves as a centralized gallery, allowing you to browse and select from your organization's entire collection of learning modules. The new GlobeSmart Guides homepage allows users to explore information on 102 cultures easily.

These updates will significantly enhance your experience on the Aperian platform, giving you more control over and easier access to our valuable resources.

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