Aperian takes the following steps to ensure the quality and accuracy of the content for each culture that is represented in the GlobeSmart Guides:

Literature Survey

Aperian editorial team first conducts a literature review of recent publications for each culture that will be developed as a GlobeSmart Guide. The reviewers search for books, articles, and online materials that have been written in the last three years that contain useful information on the specific business topics that are covered in the GlobeSmart Guides.


The editorial team then conducts interviews with selected local country nationals, expatriates,  and business travelers, each of whom have been referred from Aperian's broad network of clients and associates. Interviewees are selected based on the extent of their experience working in and with the target culture.

Initial Draft

The editorial team then compiles the data from the literature survey and interviews, checks for inconsistencies, and drafts an initial document for the target GlobeSmart Guide.

Expert Critique

The editorial team submits this draft for review by consultants and trainers whose job it is to teach and coach business personnel on issues pertaining to working effectively with the target culture. These experts critique the draft and share feedback with Aperian's editorial team. The team edits the content and creates the final version posted as a new GlobeSmart Guide.

On-going Review

In addition to this drafting process, Aperian conducts an on-going review of the content for each GlobeSmart Guide, updating and editing material with the help of Aperian Cultural Experts, consultants, and trainers for each culture.

On-going User Input

The GlobeSmart Guides are also continuously updated via input from users. In the footer of every page is a link to Provide Feedback to Aperian. The Aperian editorial team, with the help of our Aperian Cultural Experts around the world, determines whether or not the comment or feedback should be added to the existing content. Aperian welcomes any and all feedback from users, and generally responds within one business day, letting the users know how their feedback will be used. 

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