Using Aperian Copilot: Aperian's first AI-powered feature

Learn more about Aperian's first AI-powered feature, Aperian Copilot.


This short video provides a demonstration of Aperian Copilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Aperian Copilot?
    The Aperian Copilot is an AI-powered chat experience for learners to find quick answers to questions related to doing business with any of the 100+ cultures currently in the GlobeSmart Guides.

  2. What is the underlying AI engine for Copilot?
    The Aperian Copilot utilizes a custom GPT from OpenAI to provide responses to queries posed by users. This version of GPT responds based on data only from the GlobeSmart Guides; it does not use any external information to craft its responses. If the questions are outside of the scope of what’s available in the GlobeSmart Guides, the Copilot responds with the following message:

    "I’m sorry, but I don’t have enough information from the GlobeSmart Guides on that topic to give you a useful response. My knowledge is primarily focused on how to interact effectively with people in the 102 cultures currently represented in GlobeSmart. If you ask me questions about that for the cultures you will find in the link near the top of this page, I will be happy to respond. If you still don't get a useful response, please try asking your question in a different way. Thank you!"

  3. How protected is the data that a user enters into the text box on Copilot?
    While the data typed into the chat box is sent to the Chaindesk Generative AI platform, the personally identifying information associated with the user's account stays on the Aperian platform at all times and is only visible to the user and to the Aperian admin responsible for maintaining this feature. Questions and responses are never shared with outside parties. The user's personal information (such as name or email) is not visible to Aperian Copilot. Copilot does not use data entered by Aperian users as a method of training.

  4. Is the copilot a ‘learning’ AI module?
    The custom GPT underlying Copilot was initially trained on a wide set of data available on the internet (as was all of ChatGPT), but in answering our users’ questions via the Copilot chat, it looks exclusively to Aperian’s GlobeSmart Guides to craft responses. Therefore, while it initially ‘learned’ from a wider base of knowledge, it currently ‘learns’ only from the material in the GlobeSmart Guides.

  5. Does Aperian Copilot use third party integrations or other companies' APIs?
    The Aperian Copilot uses an integration with the Chaindesk Generative AI platform. Chaindesk uses the power of ChatGPT to allow its clients to build custom chatbots using only the data the client specifies. In our case, we've built a chatbot using only our library of vetted, trusted, cultural information that makes up GlobeSmart Guides. This allows our clients to interact with all of the GlobeSmart Guides through a casual, conversational style, and allows us to feel confident that we're providing them with trusted information.

  6. How does the Copilot algorithm avoid cultural biases in the answers it provides?
    As mentioned above, the Copilot looks to Aperian’s GlobeSmart Guides when crafting responses to user questions. These Guides are vetted content that has been researched and developed by Aperian, and is therefore generally free of cultural bias. (It should be noted, however, that nothing is completely free of bias, but we work very hard at Aperian to minimize bias in all of our material.)

If you have any other questions while using Aperian Copilot, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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