Aperian offers a benefit to clients using single sign on authentication: Client Custom Reporting Fields. When using Custom Reporting Fields, clients have the option to send additional data fields as part of their SAML assertion to Aperian. Aperian will store the data and include it on reports including:

  • Organization User Directory
  • Custom Dashboard reports agreed to with the Client Success Manager

Setting Up Custom Reporting Fields

Clients will decide the data they would like to send. Aperian offers one field reserved for an external ID string and up to three (3) additional fields to be determined by the client. Common choices include employee ID number, business unit, office location, title, department, job type, etc.

During SAML implementation, clients will map the selected data to one of the available fields and set them as the outgoing attributes.

Available fields:

  • customId
  • custom1
  • custom2
  • custom3

The Aperian Technical Implementation Specialist will walk clients through the process and confirm that data is being processed as expected.

Using Custom Reporting Fields

Once in place, the additional data will be stored in Aperian's database for use in reporting.

  • The values will appear on each learner's record in new columns on the Aperian User Directory.
  • The addition of an external ID can help sync with some organizations' LMS data.
  • The values can be used in dashboard reports. Here are just a few examples:
    • Number of Logins by Department
    • Number of Aperian Profiles Completed by Business Unit
    • GlobeSmart Guide Activity by Office Location

Custom reports like the above will be determined by the Aperian Client Owner and the Client Success Manager.

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