Check in every month to see our latest product updates. Here's what we have to share with you for this month:

Learn More About Your GlobeSmart Profile

Those of you familiar with your GlobeSmart Profile will notice some changes to the Profile page. Our team has rearranged the page to provide a deeper learning experience. Information about your profile is now above the larger version of the chart.


The large version of the chart is still available below the information about each dimension. Easy access to Create a Team, Compare your Profile, or Retake the Survey are now available from the floating icons on the left side of the screen.


Continue the Learning Journey

Learners who take the GlobeSmart Profile are now eligible to receive three emails with additional information about their profiles. The first two emails will share more information about your placement on two key dimensions. The final email will explain the benefits of creating comparisons.


As always, reach out to with any questions, or share your feedback directly with our product team.

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