If needed, you can delete your Aperian account at any time. To do so, log in to Aperian and navigate to the Account Settings page: https://app.aperian.com/account-settings/personal  

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete My Account. A window appears that provides information on deleting your account.


When you delete a Aperian account, all records related to your use of the Aperian platform are deleted, including your:

  • GlobeSmart Profile
  • Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI) results
  • GlobeSmart Profile Team and IBI Group affiliations. If you own teams or groups, we recommend transferring them to a new owner first. Otherwise, the entire team or group will be deleted.
  • GlobeSmart Profile Connections in your network

If you decide to re-register for Aperian at a later date, you will be treated as a brand new user, and (if you are using Aperian through your organization), you will be counted as a new tracked user.

After reviewing the information onscreen, you can click Yes, Delete My Account to continue.

On the following window, you will need to type the word DELETE (all capital letters) into the available text field and click Yes, Delete My Account. This will begin the deletion process. Once the deletion is complete, you will be redirected to the Aperian Login screen. You will also receive an email confirming that the account is deleted.


If you need any assistance throughout this process, please contact our Technical Support team at support@aperian.com.

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