How are Aperian and the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory related?

While complementary in nature, the GlobeSmart Profile (GSP), GlobeSmart Guides, and Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI) offer distinct insights and experiences.

The GlobeSmart Profile is what we refer to as a Gap Assessment, or one in which we look at the differences between two or more things (e.g. my style vs. the average cultural profile of China vs. my manager's profile). By using this product, you will gain insight into your preferred work style based on five key dimensions of culture and be able to compare that to other profiles in order to improve collaboration efforts. In addition, the GlobeSmart Guides (which you receive along with the GlobeSmart Profile) are a resource containing topical information on specific cultural norms and expectations in 100 cultures.

The Inclusive Behaviors Inventory is what we refer to as a Competency Assessment, or one in which we are looking at progression toward an ideal state that can predict superior performance. By using the IBI, you will gain insight into your level of inclusivity based on five key dimensions of inclusion (including 10 more granular sub-dimension behaviors), as well as two key indicators (three if you are a people manager). It provides best practices and personal action planning for improving your inclusive behavior in the workplace.

The GlobeSmart Profile and GlobeSmart Guides are resources that can help in the development of a number of the competencies measured by the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory. The strongest link falls within the Working Across Boundaries dimension of the IBI, but links are found within all five dimensions. The IBI report includes key Aperian Tips for each of the five key dimensions at the bottom of their respective pages.

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