You can retake the IBI survey anytime. Retaking the survey will overwrite your previous results; you will be able to access a report only with your most recent results.

To retake the survey:

  • From the Aperian Dashboard, click the IBI Home button to the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI) or go directly to 
  • Click the button to Retake Survey underneath the button to View My Results


  • This will take you back to the beginning of the survey. Click Next, and go through the full survey. At the end of the survey, after clicking Submit, your new IBI results will appear.

You can retake the survey all at once. Or, if you run out of time, your new responses will be saved. You can navigate to another part of Aperian, or leave the site, and your progress will be saved. If you return to Retake Survey later, the site will remember where you left off.

Your original IBI results will continue to be in place until you fully complete the survey. 

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