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Customized Dashboard Layouts

Attention GlobeSmart admins! We're excited to announce that we're now offering our enterprise clients three dashboard layout options to choose from. You now have the ability to configure the dashboard in the way that works best for your organization.

The three layout options are designed to promote different aspects of the GlobeSmart Learning Platform. 

Layout 1 is available for organizations promoting both Learning Modules and the GlobeSmart Profile. It is also helpful for organizations licensing many Learning Modules as users can see more options without scrolling. (This is the default layout for organizations and individuals.)


Layout 2 is available for organizations promoting the core GlobeSmart features: the GlobeSmart Profile and our 99 Culture Guides.


Layout 3 is recommended for organizations requiring completion of a particular Learning Module or Assessment, placing their buttons front and center.


This is just one part of our initiative to offer greater customization to your GlobeSmart experience, with more to come! Speak with your GlobeSmart Engagement Manager about the options and which will work best for your organization.

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