How can I view a team average without the team members showing?

Teams is a feature available on Premium and Enterprise Aperian plans.

When creating GlobeSmart Profile comparisons with teams, it is easy to show or hide the different team elements on the chart. 

Any time a team is included in a comparison, links will appear below the chart with options to:

  • Hide Members: [Team Name]
  • Hide Average: [Team Name]

Clicking these links will hide either the members or the average from the chart view. The links will now say Show Members or Show Average, and can be toggled back and forth with more clicks. If you have multiple teams included on the chart, you will see a set of links for each team. 

This feature can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Compare two team averages (without members showing)
  • Compare a team average with a few different cultures
  • Compare a team average with the organizational average profile
  • Quickly compare with all team members without showing the team’s average profile

Reminder: You can also hide your own profile from the view by clicking the Hide My Profile link below the chart.

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