I have a really large team, how do I view everyone on the chart at once?

There is no limit to the number of people who can be added to a team, or to how many profiles you add to a comparison. However, the screen size of your computer or device will determine how many profiles can show on the chart at once. When viewing comparisons on a 13" laptop screen at full width, about 12 or 13 profiles will be visible. On a larger monitor, more will display. However, when viewing comparisons on a smartphone, typically only one or two profiles (in addition to your own) will be able to fit.

When viewing a comparison that is bigger than what fits on your screen, a new icon will appear at the top of the chart showing how many profiles are hidden from view. [new image]

Click on the this icon, and an overlay will appear. The screen will let you know how many profiles can be viewed on your screen, and how many you've selected in your comparison. You can then pick and choose which profiles display on the chart by un-checking and checking their checkboxes. When you're ready to view the chart again, click Update. 

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