I invited my colleague, why can't I see their profile?

You sent an invitation, but you can't yet see their profile in your list of comparisons. It may be the case that your colleague has chosen not to accept your invitation. Some people prefer to keep their profiles private. However, if that is not the case, there are a few things to check:

If they never received the email invitation...

  • Make sure you spelled their email correctly when sending the invitation. You can check this from the Invitations page or the My Teams page for Team Invitations. You can resend or cancel the invitation and send a new one if necessary.
  • Ask your colleague to check their email junk or spam folders. The invitation comes from The Aperian Team at support@aperian.com .
  • If they can't find the invitation, ask them to Signup or Login at https://app.aperian.com, complete the survey, and navigate to the Invitations page. The invitation can be accepted from here.

If they registered, but don't see your invitation...

  • Make sure you sent the invitation to the same email address they use for their Aperian account. If they used their work email address to register for Aperian, make sure you send your invitations to that same address.
  • Many organizations support email address variations; however Aperian invitations and accounts must match exactly for the connection to be made.

If they can't accept the invitation...

  • Invitations require a paid Aperian license (either Premium or Enterprise). Each member of the team must have a paid license in order to accept the invitation. If a user on a Basic plan attempts to accept a GlobeSmart Profile invitation, they will be prompted to upgrade their account. Alternatively, you purchase an Access Code that you share with them when you invite them, and they will then be able to accept your invitation and share profiles with you without paying themselves.

If none of these solutions work, contact support@aperian.com and they can help!

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