What to do if you receive an error message?

If you are redirected to an error page while using Aperian, here are a few things to try:

  • On the error page, click the link to Log in again. This will log you out of your previous session and allow you to start a fresh session on the site. If you access Aperian through your organization and use a single sign on method to use the site, it is still beneficial to click the Log in again link. You can then access Aperian again from your organization's LMS or intranet.
  • Try clearing the cookies and cache on your web browser. After clearing, close the browser and reopen to start a new session. Each browser has different navigation to access this feature. Here are a few examples:
    • Chrome: History - Clear Browsing Data
    • Internet Explorer: Safety - Delete Browsing History
    • Safari: History - Clear History
  • Try using a different browser if possible. If you experience the error in one browser, try accessing Aperian in a different browser.
  • If the error continues, contact our technical support team at support@aperian.com.
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