Discover the power of cross-cultural collaboration with our expert-led keynotes, designed to inspire and connect audiences at any level, location or job function.


Program Title Description
Embracing the Power of Multicultural Teams In this keynote, we bring 30 years of research, data, and practical experience to this question of how to ensure your multicultural team is set up for success.
Cross-Border Innovation: Diverge, Converge, and Create!
Innovation is easy to talk about but difficult to accomplish, particularly in a global context. In this keynote, we take 30+ years of experience to offer key recommendations for leaders seeking to grow their business through innovation.
Bridging Differences: Applying Cultural Competence to Everyday Tasks In this keynote, we use insights from the GlobeSmart® Profile, as well as practical examples, to provide advice about how (and how not to) approach key workplace activities.
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