Aperian Live participants can choose from an ongoing calendar of live learning experiences and attend unlimited sessions that work best for their schedule and time zone. All sessions are led by an expert Aperian facilitator and involve small group discussions with other participants.

Please note we are continually evaluating programs, therefore this catalog is subject to change.


Aperian Live Program Description
Communicate with Impact Decode culturally-influenced communication styles and develop strategies for effectively communicating across different styles.
Deliver Feedback that Works Develop strategies to deliver effective feedback to others across a range of work-style differences.
Disrupt Bias in the Workplace
Learn to identify and interrupt common forms of unconscious bias at work.
Understand your Work Style with the GlobeSmart Profile Gain a deeper understanding of your own work style and how style differences can be leveraged to create more productive work environments.
Who Are You? Understand Complex Identities Learn to recognize how layered identities impact behavior and perceptions in the workplace.
Accelerate Global Leadership: Invite the Unexpected Learn some key questions you can ask of your colleagues in order to better understand their local work realities.
Boost Team Performance by Leveraging Work Styles Learn to bridge work styles and leverage diversity to create better workplaces and happier teams.
Build Trust, Increase Productivity Develop strategies to build trusting relationships with colleagues around the world.
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