Registering and Joining Aperian Live Sessions

Users can register and join sessions by going to Here, users will see a list of all upcoming sessions, as well as details of sessions that they have already registered for. 


To register for sessions: 

  1. Navigate to the Aperian Live home page. View upcoming sessions, filter sessions by topic, and find a session that fits your schedule. All sessions will be displayed in the timezone of the person viewing it - for example, these sessions listed below are in EST (GMT-5) since this user is in North Carolina. The sessions would show as three hours earlier for someone in California.  scrnli_1_29_2024_9-22-12 PM.png
  2. Once you find a session that fits your availability, you can either register from this table, or view details of the session (shown below). The details will show the description and relevant pre-work for each session. While the pre-work isn't required, it is highly recommended to ensure you are getting the best out of your session.  scrnli_1_29_2024_9-22-32 PM.png
  3. From here, you can click "register". You will see a confirmation message once your registration is confirmed for the session.scrnli_1_29_2024_9-22-47 PM.png
  4. Once you have registered, the session will be added to your "My Registered Sessions" section of the Aperian Live home page. From this screen, you will be able to view details, add the session to your calendar, and join the session. scrnli_1_29_2024_9-23-08 PM.png
  5. Once you click "join", a new page will open up that will launch Zoom, either in-browser or in the app if you have it installed. Following your session, please be sure to check your email to submit feedback about your session!
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