The ACT Approach

All of the large group, virtual modules are designed using Aperian's ACT approach.

  • Build Awareness: Foundations for global performance
  • Enhance Capabilities: Practical strategies and best practices to implement
  • Provide Take-away Tools: Job aids and quick guides for just-in-time reference

Continual Learning Webinar Options

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Unconscious Bias Briefing - focus on unconscious bias on the workplace and what we can do it mitigate it's impact
    • Accelerating Women's Progress - learn about the mindsets and structures that limit the advancement of women in the leadership pipeline, and develop strategies to drive greater gender equity
    • Understanding Generational Diversity - understand similarities and differences within and across generations around the world, and build strategies to improve collaboration


Delivery Options

Virtual delivery:  each topic can be delivered in a 90-session using a web conference platform, for up to 100 participants.

Large Group Virtual Briefing is led by a certified Aperian facilitator with years of hands-on business experience.
The facilitator leads an interactive, content-rich learning experience following a core framework customized to the needs, challenges, and questions specific to the participants.


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