Allyship is a crucial part of an inclusive workplace.

Help your employees become more aware of the impact of their actions and develop skills to be effective allies at work. In these two live, interactive workshops, participants will learn how to use their power to uplift others and create solutions to the barriers that prevent them from allying with their coworkers.


What Participants Will Learn

Through the guidance of a certified, experienced Aperian facilitator, participants in Allyship in Action will:

  • Learn important concepts relevant to allyship, including intent vs. impact and intersectionality
  • Explore power and privilege and how they can be leveraged to help others
  • Discover best practices for demonstrating allyship in the workplace and beyond
  • Set personal goals for developing more inclusive allying behaviors


How Your Company Benefits

Make your workforce stronger, safer, and kinder by helping employees develop a baseline awareness of the many intersecting identities present in the global workplace.

These live sessions can help your organization:

  • Develop a baseline understanding of intersectionality, power, and other principles relevant to allyship
  • Learn how to respond to different situations as an ally
  • Develop allyship practices and behaviors that support others
  • Foster a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable workplace


Delivery Options

Virtual delivery: two, 2-hour sessions using a web conference platform

Allyship in Action is an interactive workshop series led by an experienced Aperian facilitator.

The customized program features a content-rich learning experience, personalized to specific participant challenges, needs, and questions.


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