Leveraging Your International Assignment (Repatriation)


Help your assignees come back home.


For employees returning after an international assignment, the readjustment process may be a tricky one. International assignees can return to an unclear job assignment, new challenges, and a new community. With Leveraging Your International Assignment (Repatriation), an Aperian expert helps your organization’s international assignees make a smooth transition back to their home country.



What Participants Will Learn

With the steady guidance of an Aperian facilitator, Leveraging Your International Assignment (Repatriation) addresses a wide variety of issues common to international assignees at the end of an assignment – everything from ambiguity regarding career path to unexpected “reverse culture shock“. With the program, participants will:

  • Improve morale and motivation towards job retention
  • Experience higher motivation and productivity post-assignment
  • Identify skills learned during the assignment to incorporate into their current role
  • Be better positioned to readjust in their home location or on a future assignment
  • Develop strategies for 


How Your Company Benefits

Leveraging Your International Assignment (Repatriation) is a valuable program for companies seeking maximum value from their investment in international assignees. With this facilitated program, organizations will get:


An even more active and engaged workforce

A powerful professional development offering to attract and retain talent

ROI assurance that repatriating employees are returning with role clarity for their career and knowledge-transfer to the organization


Delivery Options Include

The program ideally begins before the employee returns home. Delivery can be in-person (one-day) or via virtual sessions.


Additional Notes

With instruction and guidance from a certified, experienced Aperian facilitator, Leveraging Your International Assignment (Repatriation) is customized to an individual’s specific questions, needs, and challenges.

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