Grow role models for inclusive behaviors.

While many employees have good intentions and want to be inclusive, most have areas of improvement when it comes to their everyday actions and impact on others. Arm them with important knowledge with Inclusive Leadership. Covering the five dimensions of inclusive behaviors from the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory, this facilitated program delivers practical recommendations with flexible content easily integrated into a company’s existing diversity and inclusion initiatives.



What Participants Will Learn

Through the guidance of a certified, experienced Aperian facilitator, participants in Inclusive Leadership will get:

  • An immersive and interactive learning experience illuminating work environment realities
  • A broad definition of inclusion addressing different diversity factors – race, ethnicity, function, generation, and much more
  • Global perspectives on diversity and inclusion issues relevant both domestically and for those working across borders
  • Practical emphasis on behaviors and actions for cultivating empathy, self-reflection, dialogue, and voluntary actions
  • The ability to measure progress by comparing inclusive behaviors with the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory, pre- and post-program


How Your Company Benefits

Ideal for companies that conduct business around the globe – either virtually, through travel, or across different locations – Inclusive Leadership enables your organization to:

  • Grow effective, engaged employees Attract and retain talent through a key professional development offering
  • Accelerate inclusive and collaborative business interactions to promote growth and innovation
  • Promote an inclusive work environment through everyday actions and benchmark progress with the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory


Delivery Options

Face-to-face delivery: Half-day or One-day sessions

Virtual delivery: Two, 2-hour sessions using a web conference platform

The virtual program can also be customized for large audiences (50-100 participants)

Guided by a certified Aperian facilitator, this content-rich learning program comes personalized for an organization’s specific needs, challenges, and questions.

Inclusive Leadership can be offered to individual contributors under the name Everyday Inclusion.


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