Respecting identity in the workplace should be non-negotiable.

Help your employees develop an awareness of intersectionality and the importance of honoring each other’s identities in order to play their role in creating a psychologically safe and inclusive workplace. In this live facilitated workshop, participants will gain skills to address exclusion and create a workplace culture that respects the commonalities and differences—the diversity—between team members in the workplace.



What Participants Will Learn

Through the guidance of a certified, experienced Aperian facilitator, participants in Exploring our Identities will get:

  • Establish commonalities through the understanding of intersecting identities
  • Foster psychological safety through a better awareness of themselves and others
  • Develop empathy and gain diverse perspectives


How Your Company Benefits

Make your workforce stronger, safer, and kinder by helping employees develop a baseline awareness of the many intersecting identities present in the global workplace. This live session can help your organization:

  • Understand the importance of intersectionality and honoring identities
  • Overcome challenges when working across differences and managing conflict
  • Develop skills for creating psychological safety within teams
  • Build a sustainable and thriving culture of inclusion


Delivery Options

Face-to-face delivery: 2-hour session
Virtual delivery: 2-hour session using a web conference platform

Exploring Our Identities is an interactive workshop led by an experienced Aperian facilitator.
Guided by a certified Aperian facilitator, this content-rich learning program comes personalized for an organization’s specific needs, challenges, and questions.


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