Collaborate better across borders.

Does your organization have a need to work with counterparts in a specific country? The Working Effectively with Country X program equips your organization with the customized skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to collaborate with different workplaces across the globe.



What Participants Will Learn

With the guidance of a certified, experienced Aperian facilitator, the interactive program gives insight into the work styles and business culture of the target country. The program delivers:

  • Country-specific knowledge of the “why” behind common business and social behaviors and practices
  • Use of the GlobeSmart Profile assessment tool to understand how individual work styles compare to the work styles of the chosen country
  • Strategies to bridge gaps and leverage similarities with counterparts in a specific culture, with a focus on business skills to improve interactions
  • Opportunities to map learning to action items to improve job effectiveness


How Your Company Benefits

Get the skills your employees need to succeed across borders with the Working Effectively With Country X program. The program is vital for any company that does business globally, requires international travel, or has offices in different locations. Through this program, organizations can:

  • Develop a more globally-aware and effective workforce
  • Bring in and retain talent through crucial professional development offerings
  • Grow the bottom line through more productive business interactions


Delivery Options

Face-to-face delivery: Half-day or One-day sessions
Virtual delivery: Two, 2-hour sessions using a web conference platform

Working Effectively With Country X is an interactive program led by an experienced Aperian facilitator.
The customized program features a content-rich learning experience, personalized to specific participant challenges, needs, and questions.


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