The answer to this question depends on whether you're taking the IBI on your own, or as part of a group.

Individual Experience

Taking the IBI as an individual is a personal, confidential experience. You can take the IBI survey and receive your personal feedback report. No one else can see your results or your scores.

If you are part of an enterprise organization, your scores will be factored anonymously into an aggregate Organization Report.

If you do not want to share your scores or survey responses with anyone, we recommend that you do not join any groups. You can still enjoy the full IBI experience by taking the survey and reviewing your individual report. 

Group Experience

The group experience refers to any time you are invited to join an IBI group.

When you agree to join a group, you are agreeing to share your IBI survey status (i.e. whether you've completed the survey or not) and results (your scores and answers to the questions) with the group owner(s). Each piece of information is explained below. You are not sharing your results with the other members of the group.

Survey Status

Once you agree to join an IBI group, the group owner can see whether you have completed the IBI survey or not. Your status will show to the group owner as: not started, started, or finished. The group owner will also be able to see whether your results include the Leadership Indicator or not.

IBI Results

Once you complete the IBI survey, your personal report will be available to both you and the group owner. The group owner will be able to see the same report that you see, including dimension scores, advice, and the scores for each survey item.

Anonymous, Aggregate Reports

As a group member, your scores will also be factored, in aggregate, into the Group Report. The Group Report does not contain any identifying information as to who scored what. For each dimension, the report displays the group's average score. (There must be at least two members in a group with completed surveys for a group report to be generated.)

Finally, if your organization has an enterprise license to the IBI, your results will be factored, in aggregate, into the Organization Report. The Organization Report uses the same structure as the Group Report, only it includes scores for the entire organization. The report does not contain any identifying information regarding individual scores. It contains the organization's average score on each dimension, averaging all members of the organization. (There must be at least 25 organization members with completed profiles for an organization report to be generated.)


If you have questions or concerns about what information you are potentially agreeing to share, please speak with your group owner, or contact us at

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